How can we help your home or business?

Your business, office or home should always look its best, because image is important.
It shouldn’t be difficult to make this happen.
It should be the kind of process that runs smoothly, at your pace and subject to your approval.


Inviting, warm, energetic – your home or business should reflect your personal style. New paint or wallcoverings can make all the difference.


The walls of your house should unite your furnishings and décor into one perfect experience that waits for you every time you come home.


Choosing wallcovering is just the beginning. Our expert prep work and installation are essential to creating amazing spaces to live and work.


Over the years, time and weather can wreak havoc on the outside of your home or business. Paint restores its beauty and improves its value.


Hospitals, clinics, legal firms and retailers have come to depend on Matz Painting & Wallcovering to enliven their meeting rooms, surgical theaters or showroom walls.

Wood Finishes

Wood and woodwork is everywhere in your home – winding through rooms, down stairs, around arches and over doorways.

Sioux Falls Chooses Matz as the Experts in Painting & Wallcovering

Let us show you why Sioux Falls businesses and residents make Matz Painting & Wallcovering their first choice for premium quality
commercial and residential wall finishes.