The Matz team brings inspiring wallcoverings ideas to life.

Choosing wallcovering is just the beginning. Our expert prep work and installation are essential to creating amazing spaces to live and work.

At Matz Paint & Wallcovering, we’ve been working homeowners, business owners and talented designers to bring inspiring wallcovering ideas to life all across the Sioux Falls area. Installing wallcovering can be tricky, but we have the processes in place to ensure that the look you want is the look you get.

Matz Painting & Wallcovering (cropped)

What you can expect from Matz:

  • Preparation – All imperfections are noted and corrected long before application.
  • Prime Coat – We apply the proper prime coat to ensure maximum adhesion – an extra step many in the industry do not do.
  • Expert Installation – Over the years we’ve learned what works resulting in high customer satisfaction.
  • Specialized Installation – Even the most durable painted finish cannot withstand the conditions of some environments. To accommodate this, our wallcovering specialists have become the region’s leading installers of Acrovyn, Korogard and other non-permeable protective wallcoverings Local hospitals and clinics have come to rely on Matz’s Painting & Wallcovering experts to ensure sterility and cleanliness in their surgical theaters and durability in other high-traffic areas.

Process Matters

Over the years, we’ve refined our installation regimen developing our own unique process: To guarantee product consistency, quality and color match, we do a preliminary hang of three sheets for your approval. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the product, we will do whatever it takes to resolve the issue. Other improvements to our proprietary process include installation methods that result in nearly invisible seams, little-to-no paste residue and a much longer life. During our final inspection, we catch and eliminate any possible flaws.