We are the experts in wood finishing and refinishing.

Wood and woodwork is everywhere in your home – winding through rooms, down stairs, around arches and over doorways. It’s the trim, the door, the work surface and the ornamentation – and it’s the most beloved part of any room we put it in.Wood, more than any other finished surface, gives a home real character. Providing exceptional woodwork to our clients is our greatest source of job satisfaction.

At Matz Paint & Wallcovering, wood treatment is elevated to an art form by our talented finishing and refinishing specialists. Each strip of trim, banister rain or crown molding is unloaded by hand and closely inspected, then a piece is chosen to represent the whole lot. It is sanded, treated and stained or painted in advance to make absolutely certain that the finished product will meet your expectations long before it goes into your home or office.

Lodgenet Wood Interior (cropped)

What you can expect from Matz:

Our Staining Process Makes a Difference

Colorant is sprayed on for evenness, brushed to encourage proper absorption, then hand-rubbed by the most experienced hands in the shop to eliminate even the smallest inconsistencies in color and grain. If required, a toning process further evens out the stain, shifting the color to a more pleasing hue, but still allowing the natural grain to shine through. Finally, lacquer, varnish or water-based polyurethane is applied to seal in and protect the wood’s natural beauty for years to come.

Let Matz Painting & Wallcovering add the crowning touch to any room in your home with natural woodwork/wood finishes that makes a statement.